15 January 2012

Day 1 of 75

Today is Sunday, so today was yoga.  I used a DVD I got several years ago called Just My Size Yoga.  It's put out by the pantyhose people with Megan Garcia, a plus-sized model.  The video covers some things for doing yoga with a larger body, which is kind of nice.  I would never have thought of widening my knees to make Child's Pose feel more comfortable.  It's only a quick 28 minute video, but it certainly gets me sweating.

The oddest part of doing yoga for me is that way several joints will randomly pop as I hold a pose.  The one that goes most is my right kneecap while doing Warrior Pose.  What I really like about yoga is my back always feels better afterwards.

Sometimes I sort of wish I could take a class in person cause I'm sure my Downward Dog could use some help.

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