19 January 2012

Day 5 of 75

Today's stats
Exercise: Yoga
Time: 28 mins

Last night I feel asleep rather easily.  Although, as usual, I woke up several times during the night; that's just sort of how I've always been, waking up to roll over, or just waking up and being awake.  However, this was the first morning in awhile that I woke up on the dot with the alarm and was awake.  I ended up staying awake and taking care of things.  But as the morning wore on I got tired and realized it was because I hadn't had my coffee -- I was holding off until I had done my yoga, and that had been put off in order to take care of the dog, eat breakfast, then wait for breakfast to not be in my stomach so much.  But yoga was finally done.

I've notice it's not making me as sweaty, but it does feel as if I'm working my muscles more.  I have to wonder if it's because I'm focusing more on getting the poses right rather than not just falling over.

Now the sleepy has crept back up on me, and I'm hoping I'll sleep really well tonight.

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