14 January 2012

Preparing for Change

Looking at the calendar, I realized that my 35th birthday is in 11 weeks as of tomorrow -- 75 days to be exact.  While turning 30 didn't phase me all that much, facing 35 feels different; it's making me realize that I should be taking better care of myself.  I want to go into my next trip around the sun on a better foot.

To this end I have set a challenge for myself.  I will do at least 20 mins of structured exercise every day for the next 75 days (i.e., walking the dog doesn't count).  I'll be mixing things up by doing yoga on Sundays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  The rest of the week I'll walk on the treadmill.  I have hopes that once I start getting my asthma back under control I can go back to working on the C25K program.

I've done something like this once before a couple years ago; I spent a whole month riding my stationary bike every day.  The reward that time was a trip the Monterey Wool Auction.  This time I'm considering the reward of a 2 hour massage at the end of the challenge.

Another part of this will be cutting back on the amount of alcohol I've been drinking.  I'll have a glass of wine with dinner, and special occasions will be exceptions.  I'm doing this, even more than the exercise,  to lose weight.

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