20 January 2012

Day 6 of 75

Today's stats
Exercise: Treadmill walking
Time: 32 mins
Distance: 1.6 miles
Calories: 255
Heart rate: 146 (avg)/184 (max)

So, 2 mins into walking I may have... *cough*... fallen off the treadmill.  *cough*  No worse for wear, but I had to start over hence the extra 2 mins.  Originally, I had thought to do 45 mins again, but I feel wiped out.  I have to remember that it's going to take a little bit for my body to get used to doing something every day.  I also think a sore muscle in my neck is keeping me from sleeping well.  :/

I came back up from the fitness room and found a box on the doorstep.  My Fitbit is here!  It's charging as I type.  I need to measure my stride length so I can track distance walked.

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